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Today: Dec 21, 2014

Welcome to Australian-Iranian Society of Victoria

 The Australian-Iranian Society of Victoria, on behalf of its members & everyone who shares our views on this matter, conveys their most sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families and the loved ones of the victims of the senseless terrorist attack in Sydney. We strongly condemn this senseless, violent and repugnant terrorizing act by a deranged and crazed terrorist. We also send our best wishes and sympathy for the speedy recovery and comfort to all those affected by this tragedy. We express our full solidarity with the families of the victims, our fellow Australians and share in the sorrow of all those who mourn them.


Australian Iranian Society of Victoria Inc. 16/12/2014


پيرو حادثه هولناك گروگان گيرى روز گذشته در شهر سيدنى و متعاقب آن اخبار منتشرشده درخصوص ايرانى تبار بودن شخص گروگان گير، كانون ايرانيان ويكتوريا ضمن محكوم نمودن اين عمل خشونت بار، مراتب تسليت و همدردى خود با خانواده هاى قربانيان و آسيب ديدگان اين حادثه را اعلام مى دارد. بى شك انجام اين گونه اعمال خشونت بار از سوى هيچ شخص يا گروهى پذيرفته نيست و ايرانيان نيز به عنوان بخشى تاثيرگذار از پيكره چندفرهنگى جامعه استراليا از هيچ كوششى براى مقابله و پيشگيرى از چنين پديده شومى فروگذار نخواهند كرد



هيئت مديره كانون ايرانيان ويكتوريا





AISoV is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organisation incorporated in Melbourne Australia in 1991. Our efforts, assets, and income are applied to the achievement of the following goals:  

  • To promote Persian culture, music, literature and arts;  
  • To provide welfare, social services, and support to the Iranian community, in particular, to the disadvantaged migrants, youth, senior citizens, etc;  
  • To enhance the employability of the Iranian community;  
  • To promote social, recreational and sporting activities; and  
  • To liaise with the government and non-government agencies to enhance their understanding of the community needs and to act as a facilitator between these organisations and the Iranian community.  

 The material presented on this site is not necessarily AISoV’s policy nor does it necessarily represent the views of the AISoV. The Australian-Iranian Society of Victoria is not responsible for the accuracy of material presented in this site. To reproduce or use the material of this site please contact AISoV.


Monthly Events & Announcement

برنامه‌های هر ماهه کانون
تخته نرد
جمعه هر هفته
ویژه شهروندان ارشد ایرانی
Doncaster Senior Citizens Club
ورزش فوتبال استرالیایی
جهت اطلاع علاقمندان به ورزش فوتبال استرالیایی
فرم رضایت نامه

با ولینگ روی موکت
سه شنبه هر هفته از ساعت ۱ بعد از ظهر. ورود برای همگان آزاد است.
Where:Doncaster Senior Citizens Club- Centenary House 901 - Doncaster Road - Doncaster East 3109

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